We offer a wide range of medical services for adults and children over 6 months of age. Browse our list of services below:
Illnesses If you don't have a doctor, or can't get in to see your doctor, we can provide care when you are not feeling well and need prompt and professional medical care.

Colds, flu, stomach upset, headaches and migraines, ear aches, sore throats, back strain, urinary tract infections and kidney stones, dehydration, heat and cold injuries, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and much more......we can take care of it.

We can do EKGs and aerosol treatments in our office, as well as administer intravenous fluids and pain medicines.

Our physician owners are residency trained and board certified in Emergency Medicine, and are experienced in managing multiple medical problems.

Injuries We have the facilities to care for all your mild to moderate injuries. Cuts, burns, broken bones, sprains.....we are equipped to see them all!

Our physician owners are residency trained Emergency Physicians with years of experience managing everything from minor injuries to major trauma.

We offer on-site X-Rays, can provide rapid pain control, and can provide splints, crutches and other needs to make this a "one stop shop" for your needs....including dispensing your prescription medication before you leave the building!

Commercial Driver License exams MedAccess can perform DOT CDL exams. Members of our physician staff have completed the new Department of Transportation CDL guidelines course.

We can perform basic audiometry (hearing test), vision screening, color vision testing, and pulmonary function testing on-site if needed, and can perform DOT 5 panel drug testing as well as alcohol screening.

Drug Screening and Testing Drug testing is becoming more common in the workplace. We designed our facility to be a private, "user-friendly" site for employees needing a drug screen, as well as providing proper security to ensure accuracy of the test.

We can provide a 5 panel screening test (done in the office), a 10 panel "drugs of abuse" test, or the standard HHS 5 panel drug test defined by DOT

We have a Medical Review Officer (MRO) on staff to evaluate drug test results and provide consultation to employers.

Occupational Medicine Occupational medicine is for both employers and employees....screening potential employees, evaluating work place risks and hazards, treating on the job injuries and facilitating return to work, monitoring worker health......these are just a few of the things we do.

We designed our building to have a separate private waiting room for employees who are being seen for occupational medicine issues.

We can meet with each employer to determine their ability to return injured employees to limited duty, as well as determine what tests (such as drug screens and alcohol testing) need performed at time of visit. These protocols will save the employee unnecessary hassles and lost time.

Lab Work We can perform routine lab work such as blood counts, chemistry and lipid profiles, urinalysis, pregnancy tests, PT/INR, rapid strep, rapid flu, rapid mono, and more in our on-site lab! Results are typically available in less than 15 minutes.

We can also act as a collection station for you, if you have a lab order from your physician.

Physicals Whether you need a routine physical, a sports physical or work related physical, let us provide the physical you need quickly and affordably. We can design physicals for employers based upon the job to be performed!

For quickest service, physicals should be scheduled in advance. We can do "basic" physicals to "executive physicals" (which include blood count, chemistry, lipid profile, urinalysis, EKG, and pulmonary function test)

Immunizations MedAccess can provide you with flu shots, tetanus shots as well as immunizations for hepatitis and more.

We do not perform pediatric (childhood) immunizations, as they should be given by a pediatrician or health department to assure they are given in a timely fashion and shot records are maintained.

And More Make MedAccess your next stop when you need prompt, professional medical attention....and need it now!
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